What to Do with a Blocked Drain


A blocked drain is one of the homeowner’s biggest fears, and for good reason, as it can cause a very unpleasant odour that permeates through to every room in the house, and in some cases, waste can back up, causing an overflow in the bathroom. While there are home remedies to unblock a drain, you first have to pinpoint the location of the blockage, which can prove next to impossible, and anyone suffering with blocked drains in Leeds would be well-advised to call out a local drain cleaning specialist.

Professional Treatment

Rather than spending half the day trying to find the blockage, and the rest of the day trying to free it, why not call the specialist drain cleaner? They would use state of the art CCTV cameras that can actually travel along the drain, giving the technician a clear view of what is happening inside the drains.

Straight to the Heart of the Blockage

Typically, the professional drain cleaner can identify a blockage within a few minutes, and with no need to dig up half the garden, costs are kept to a minimum. The chemicals they use are much stronger than the ones you can buy over the counter, and once the blockage has been freed, the technician would thoroughly clean the system out, thus avoiding any further problems.

Professional solutions are:

  • Quick
  • Thorough
  • Safe
  • Long-lasting

Don’t waste your time trying to tackle a blocked drain yourself, simply call the nearest drain cleaning contractor who will have the blockage cleared in no time at all.

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