Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Double Glazing


Double glazing is beneficial for numerous reasons. If you replace your single-pane windows with double glazing, you can expect to see a significant saving on your heating costs, which could amount to hundreds of pounds per year. You’ll also make your home more secure, soundproof and stylish in the process.

However, just like all things, double glazing can experience problems. If you notice any of the four signs, you might need to replace the glass.

  1. You can see water droplets leaking through your window frames

If water is finding its way inside your home through your closed windows, your seals may have failed, or the drainage section could be blocked.

  1. You can see condensation in between the window panes

Condensation in between your window panes indicates a major problem, which usually concerns a leak in the seal.

  1. The glass is cracked or chipped

If the glass in your window has sustained damage, calling a team of Doncaster glaziers to replace the glass may be your only option.

  1. You’ve noticed draughts coming through the frames

This issue is usually concerned with either your window’s sealant or the seals in the frame. The only way to find out for sure is to call a team of glaziers to diagnose the problem.

The sooner you address problems, the cheaper the repairs will be, so if you notice any of the signs detailed above, call your local glaziers without delay.

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