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A corporate move is an important step for a management and for its employees. Often a sign of growth and expansion, the departure of the premises and the layout in the new premises must be well prepared for this change to be perceived as positive.

Calendar, consultation, administrative obligations … take stock with these 5 tips

  1. The schedule of a business transfer: plan broad

If the actual transfer can take place over a weekend, the company move must be prepared well in advance. Most companies choose a move at the end of the fiscal year or during summer holidays. From this date, you must go back in the calendar and plan the move at least a month in advance for SMEs and up to 6 months for large companies. You can consult the Bill Removalists Sydney or other removalists company for this task.

  1. Find experts of the company move and make several quotes

A business transfer does not look like a classic move. Heavy equipment, problems of confidentiality, and protection of the premises of departure … it is necessary to call on experts in moving company. Depending on the complexity of the move (surface, number of posts, computer equipment …), the cost can be very important. Before committing to a service provider, it is therefore necessary to make several quotes. Check the proposed transport conditions, including compensation in case of delay and types of cover in case of theft or breakage.

  1. Estimate the costs of moving your business

The cost of a company move includes not only the transfer but also the cost of development in places that often involves work and new acquisitions of furniture and equipment. The development works absorb between 50% and 75% of the overall budget. It is estimated that per item the cost of the actual move will be calculated. To this you must not forget the social costs: a business transfer has a significant impact at the HR level.

  1. Transfer of business: reassure employees

Once the removal decision has been taken, it is mandatory to keep the employee representatives informed. But beyond this formality, it is highly recommended to integrate as many employees as possible into the project. It is thus necessary to sound them on their opinion, their possible worries in particular in terms of transport. Depending on the size and the policy of the company, solutions can be set up as assistance services (nurseries, shuttles), remoteness bonuses or new work organizations (teleworking, arranged schedules).

Once the company is installed in these new premises, it is possible to set up an active aid cell for a day or two to solve small problems (phone, cardboard lost …). A hospitality breakfast organized by the management is a way to get the company and its employees to start well in the new premises.

  1. Do not forget the administrative

A company move with Removalists Albury at Bill Removalists Sydney involves a lot of paperwork related to the transfer of headquarters. One month before the departure, indicate the change of address to the various interlocutors as well as to the prefecture for the registration of the company and the modification as well. If the company owns a fleet of professional vehicles, also plan to change the registration cards.

Your different Office Removalist must also be informed, and the business transfer can be an opportunity to renegotiate contracts. Finally, do not forget your customers: send them a notice and plan ahead for printing new business documents to be fully ready the first day in your new premises.

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