How to Create a Cottage-Like Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of any home where the family meals are prepared. Transform this space into a laid-back more inviting room for your family and guests by creating a fantastic cottage kitchen. The cottage style creates a sense of simplicity and comfort.

Use Cosy Slipcovers

Easy-living attitude, which is crucial to the cottage kitchen style is reflected well when you use slipcovers on kitchen bar stools and or on chairs. Remember to trim great slipcovers to make them more attractive. It is also a great idea to add a pretty trim or a ruffle to give your kitchen an extra cottage charm.

Add Shutters to Your Windows

Add cottage charm easily and faster by adding shutters to your kitchen windows. The shutters make windows look great as they dress up plain walls. Alternatively, you can hang the shutters on the walls and make use of the slats as memo boards where you can stash recipes and other important notes in the kitchen.

Have Several Simple Accessories

Although kitchen door replacement and other renovations can give the space a fantastic cottage charisma, bringing in simple accessories such as vases works as a better and cheaper option. With or without the flowers, vases look attractive. Introduce the natures touch to your kitchen; have a couple of leafy branches or great flower choices such as roses, lilacs, and daisies.

Change Your Furniture

Vintage tables and other re-purposed furniture go well with cottage kitchens. They provide a rustic charm, add interest, and increase the work space inside the room. Purchase waist-high tables as they work better than shorter ones. Farmhouse furniture such as weathered farmhouse tables with breadboard edges is also perfect alternatives. You can create chic furniture looks cheaply yourself.

Do Not Forget the Floor

Brick floors are perfect if you are looking forward to creating a spectacular cottage kitchen. The manufacture of bricks started many centuries ago; in fact, they are seen mostly in ancient buildings. Using reclaimed tiles made of brick will make the room look authentic and historical. You do not have to worry about the floor being chilly on your toes; they can be constructed with under floor heating.

Wood is Great for a Cottage Kitchen

Using wood and other natural materials while creating a perfect cottage kitchen is an excellent idea; it warms up space and creates a soothing environment. Have more bare wood inside the kitchen in the form of wall cabinets and hanging shelves. While working on increasing the amount of wooden furniture in the kitchen, remember to do kitchen door replacement to give the room a more authentic touch.

Use the Correct Paint

Light colours work better for cottage kitchens; white and pale pink is a great choice. An all-white kitchen looks fantastic and historically perfect. Other cheery and light colour choices that create a subtle and soothing environment to your room include green, blue, grey, yellow and aqua.

Small details make cottage kitchen look cosier and smarter. You do not have to refurbish your entire kitchen to achieve a cottage feeling inside the room. Only add a few appropriate types of furniture, paint the room, use better lights, and you will have created your dream kitchen.

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