Rooftop Safety During Installations & Repair Of Chimneys


Safety should always be a top priority in whatever you do, especially in jobs which involve climbing up on the roof of a house. One such profession which needs climbing up the ladder is that of chimney cleaners.

The job of chimney cleaners (chimney machine installation/repair) seems easy but it is not while doing this work you need to keep in mind important safety considerations because the chimney is precariously positioned towards the edge of the rooftop.

You cannot ignore personal safety as professional chimney cleaners. Never think to complete the work in haste with complete disregard to safety measures. Hasty work means unprofessional attitude. Why spoil your reputation as chimney cleaners? Consider safety else risk your life to injuries and fatal health hazards.

What to Consider for Rooftop Safety during Chimney Installations and Repair?

Chimney cleaning job involves simple roof climbing tactics. But do consider these measures to stay safe:

First, you need to inspect the placement of the chimney.

Second, take a close look at the house and its surrounding because you need to find the best place to place the ladder.

Third, try to find power supply lines and electric boxes and make sure whether they are a distance from the chimney (because you might accidentally touch upon the high voltage wires).

Fourth, be very cautious when you are installing or repairing chimney in congested residential areas with a high concentration of vehicular traffic. Ensure that you have fall protection equipment with you.

Fifth, take wind direction into consideration and check for the hardness or sturdiness of the ground. This will help to find the best spots for placing the ladder. At least three rungs of the ladder should be above the rooftop contact point.

Sixth, you need to be particular about the correct way to place the ladder – the legs of ladders should necessarily be at the same level (so that it remains firmly footed and do not wobble)

Seventh, while on rooftop duty carries a cell phone to notify emergencies.

Eight, it is better to have a helping hand with you who will be able to keep a close watch on any imminent danger.

Some More Things to Keep In Mind as Safety Measures

Always place the ladder away from high-traffic areas like building entrances and kids’ play zones.

While climbing up to do not carry heavy objects (chimney repair equipment and likewise) with you which might lead to loss of balance and subsequent fall. Your assistant should hand over the item to you. Else, you should get the objects lifted.

While climbing down the rooftop be cautious about accumulated rainwater, frost or damp moss. Ensure utmost safety to prevent slipping down from a height.

Wear shoes that are that will give you a good grip over the rungs of the ladder. Gum soled shoes are the best shoe wear recommended by professional chimney cleaners CT. Leather-soled is a strict no.

Ridges or valleys are areas on the rooftop which allow the better scope to walk or climb because of their integral strength.

Have safety equipment by your sides such as ridge hooks, essential rope harnesses and other safety gears like head protectors and respirators.

Protect your hands and eye with gloves and eyewear protection glasses or masks while sweeping chimney flue or rain cap. Remove the cap gently to avoid fall off. Do not be startled when birds or animals nesting in flue comes out during cleaning because it might lead to an accidental fall.

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