Essential Garden Maintenance for the Coming Spring


Your beautiful garden has been lying dormant for the cold winter months, and as we move into March, spring is in the air, which is the right time to get the gardening tools out of the shed and spend a weekend preparing for the nice weather. If you are looking to do this any time soon, here are some tips to help prepare the garden for the new growing season.

  • Hire a SkipWith reliable skip hire in Weymouth, you can easily order a medium sized skip to be delivered on the day of the planned gardening, and once you have finished, a quick call will see the skip collected. You would be surprised at how much green waste you will generate, and green waste can also be recycled, rather than dumping it in a landfill.
  • Gather the Right Tools and Equipment – Pruning shears, a long pruning saw, a hedge trimmer, shovels and spades will all be needed. A wheel barrow will ensure that all waste ends up the skip you had the foresight to hire, and a stiff broom and rake will help with the cleaning up after.
  • Pruning Trees & Shrubs – The trees should be shaped, while also clearing out dead branches, and the long pruning saw will eliminate the need for a ladder. Avoid removing spring buds, as this will hinder the natural growth.

Trimming the hedges and weeding the flower beds will leave your garden looking good, and it will be ready for a new growing season.

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