Removing or Pruning Mature Trees


If you have a few mature oak, elm, or beech trees in your garden, they do require regular attention, and if you’re not careful, they could compromise the power and phone cables that run into your property. Not only that, mature trees need to be shaped, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that your mature trees remain healthy and safe.

  1. Regular Growth Assessments – As your trees grow, they need to be assessed, and if you are wondering how to source a tree surgeon near me in Kent, look no further than Google. An annual visit that includes pruning will reassure you that your mature trees are in good shape, and present no danger to people or property.
  2. Annual Pruning – A yearly prune will set the trees up for the new growing season, and should be carried out in the spring. Removing dead branches and jutting back irregular shaped branches will promote healthy growth.
  3. Overhanging Branches – In the event you have branches overhanging the roof, particular care should be taken, and if you do not remove then, at least prune them back to a point where a breakage wouldn’t damage the roof. Wet leaves will certainly cause a blockage in your guttering, which is another reason to prune them back.

In the event a mature tree presents a danger, then the tree surgeon would make this recommendation, and it is a major project to remove a large tree, especially in a residential area.

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