Design And Amenities That Millennials Want In Their Designer Homes


Millennials or ‘Generation Y’ are all about going for homes that fall under the category of chic abodes located in the city, close to the workplace and other essentials like the market.

Well, that’s a general idea but recent surveys prove it wrong. The millennials are those people who are born between the 80s and the year 2000. These individuals are mostly within the age bracket of 30 – 35. These individuals prefer getting married late and often try to stay away from parenthood.

Why modern designer homes are an important part of the millennial generation?

Time and again, the millennial generation is often labelled as the one that prefers living in the hustle and bustle of the city instead of the suburbs. Well, it is true but the percentage is pretty low, which is about sixteen per cent or less.

More than 60 per cent of the millennial generation prefers designer homes from renowned firms like Yarrum Designer Homes. The reason is simple enough to understand at a single go. Millennials prefer having a small family. On top of that, since a majority of individuals are getting married late, they want their homes to be compact.

A compact, modern designer home is easy on the pocket and the best part, they are easy to maintain!

The design of the home is an important aspect among the millennial generation. Another aspect that a millennial individual or a couple will look for in a home is functionality over the carpet area, thereby making modern designer homes an important part of the millennial generation.

What are the amenities a millennial family prefers having in their home?

As mentioned earlier, a millennial couple prefers functionality over the carpet area of the home. This statement deserves a thorough discussion of the amenities a millennial couple prefers having in their homes.

So, without any further ado, let us take a look at some of them in the following sections now, shall we!?

Appropriate use of the backyard

The backyard of a millennial designer home is often customised to make room for outdoor events. This is the reason installations like an outdoor cooktop, grill and a small refrigerator are the most common amenities in millennial designer homes.

Appropriate use of the outdoor space is a must

Millennial couples prefer making sure that their designer home has all the features of a relaxing retreat which is only made possible thanks to the contemporary generation of designers and the offbeat ideas of young homeowners.

Most of the time outdoor space of a home might just be used to host garden sales or for a barbeque grill but when one is a millennial and the owner of a designer home, they make sure that the available outdoor space is a relaxing retreat. Asking the designer to include a patio or revamping the space for hosting outdoor meals are some examples.

Energy efficiency is crucial

The environment is changing for the worse which is why, despite what the previous generation might think or do about it, the generation Y has taken the matter pretty seriously. They often go for home designs and amenities that would help them to cut the carbon footprint of their home by half, if not less.

The designer home industry is quickly changing due to the unconventional preferences of the millennial generation. It is a good thing, to say the least since homes and buildings these days are getting smarter, more energy efficient and the best part, their carbon footprint is far less than conventional homes.

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