Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Your Space


Kitchen is the hub of homelife and whenever you plan to renovate it, remember these three words – planning, planning, planning! The room is a lot more than just beautiful cabinets, stove, and backsplash. Remodel your kitchen for a more functional space that you enjoy working in.

Avoid Common Mistakes by Proper Planning

When remodeling kitchen visualize yourself there; where will I stand to cook, how much space do I need for cutting and preparing the food, and what should be the placement of appliances so that it doesn’t disrupt the flow of movement. If you plan on installing a dishwasher, then it’s recommended to stack your dishware somewhere near for convenience. If your budget allows, hire kitchen renovation Dubai company availing professional services for hassle-free remodeling.

Design Wider Walkways for Smooth Flow

Nothing kills the joy of preparing food than bumping shoulders and unnecessary collisions. Plan your kitchen in a way that it ensures smooth flow of work. Place refrigerator where it’s easily accessible for children and the cabinet/drawer handles shouldn’t come in the way. Cooking space should be away from the hustle bustle area to avoid any mishaps.

Finding the Right Height for Appliances

Give your back some love by placing the microwave and oven at reasonable height. Most women find it tedious to bend and put food in the oven, or crouch or stand on toes to warm food in the microwave. 15 inches above countertop level is a good height for adults to place microwave.

Sufficient Counter Space

In case of kitchen counters, form follows function. Countertop or kitchen island is an important element of your kitchen so don’t overlook it. Expand your counter space by adding shelving supports, corbel, or wood. Make a statement with a marble or stone top that will serve the dual purpose of functionality and style. To utilize the island space, add shelves underneath and even drawers for smart and aesthetic styling.

Convenient Storage with Easy Reach

Efficient storage in kitchen should be on priority when remodeling your space. Utilize walls for hardworking pantry, especially for storing awkward sized bottles and jars. Same goes for utensils – create storage in unused tight spots for skinny cabinets to hold cooking spoons, whisks, and spatulas. Pull-out cutting board above the trash is a thoughtful design that saves from cleaning up mess. Smartly utilize backsplash by building compartments for spices.

Right Choice of Colors and Materials

Enhance the look of your kitchen by using softer shades, especially if you have a small kitchen. Neutral tones compliment light colored stone or marble, and even goes well with wood furniture. To build the kitchen of your dreams, get in touch with professional companies like WOODGreen Company Dubai that specializes in kitchen remodeling and renovation. Such companies offer the services of experienced professionals who know what they are doing and suggest recommendations that suit your budget and taste.

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