7 sofa types that make a statement about modern living


Setting up your house with perfect home decor that matches your aesthetics is quite big of a task. Since the market is full of different options, it becomes difficult to choose a suitable option for your home. The living room is one of the most used places of the house and thus requires dedicated attention for the kind of home decor you would be needing. You cannot just choose whatever design of sofa set you like and require you to have some information regarding the same.

Did you know there are more than twenty different designs of sofa that you can choose from at bestsofacovers.com? If you are someone who wants to set up your living room in a new way, you must get a designer sofa set to make your home look more attractive. To give you a detailed understanding, we have put together a list of different types of sofa designs that you can consider for your living room.

  • Sectional sofa- As the name suggests, there are different sections in this sofa set, i.e., it is a multi-piece sofa. The number of sections can vary from three to five depending upon their size. This sofa set can easily be arranged in a number of permutations and combinations. In fact, the higher the number of pieces, the more combinations can be achieved for its arrangement. This is possible since sectional sofas contain fixtures that are meant to be connected with different pieces. The sectional sofa comes in different sizes, styles, materials, and designs to choose from. You can either choose to set the sectional sofa in an L-shaped sofa or U shaped sofa. These sofa sets are easily movable as well despite their big size.
  • Lawson sofa- This type of sofa set came into existence in the early 20th century and was created for a financier Thomas W. Lawson and hence got its name. It is very comfortable as the signature element of the Lawson sofa is its pillow-type back. The main purpose of this design is to provide you with more comfortable and softer support. It is a very popular and attractive sofa design. This Lawson-designed sofa set comes in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. Although it’s a very comfortable sofa set, you can move around its cushions in case you want the ultimate level of comfort.
  • English rolled arm- This designer sofa set is also known as just an English sofa. It made its first appearance in the early 20th century. This sofa set is famous for its high back support and low arms support design. The tapestry is rigid throughout the furniture, yet it is a very well cushioned piece. Some of its other variants have their armrest so low that they appear to be armless. The English rolled arm sofa set is perfect if you want a formal piece of living room sofa. Having said that, this piece also goes with any modern furniture.
  • Bridgewater- It is also known as the Birch arm or English 3 seater sofa. In this design, you will find the armrest slightly rolled and lower than the back. This designer sofa set is quite chic, casual, and comfortable. It can fit in most of the designed rooms and still be a stand-out feature of the particular space. You can pair this subtle piece of furniture with traditional as well as modern aesthetics. If you are someone who likes to preserve their furniture with a slipcover, then this is the best option for you. This is a very versatile type of sofa and can blend in easily with different decor. For instance, you can opt for a neutral fabric or velvet fabric to pair it with and it will still remain dominant.
  • Futon- The term Futon is a derivation of a Japanese word that means bedding. This is a perfect combination of sofa and bed. This is a sofa set in which the back part of the sofa is foldable or released downward in order to create a flat, large, and cushioned sleeping space. This is a very comfortable piece of furniture and can easily seat two to three people. While this might sound somewhat modern, the Futons date back to the 17th century and came into existence in Japan. At the time of its early existence, it could only be bought by wealthy or elite class people and was a status symbol. However, this piece of furniture can be seen in almost every household.
  • Love seat sofa- This type of sofa set is made for two people only and looks very beautiful. This can be a living room sofa, or you can use it as a small sitting place for your evening discussions. It can be arranged in various styles and designs. For instance, these can also be bought in designs such as cabriole, camelback, etc. Typically, there are four loveseat categorizations which depend upon the different sizes given as follows:
    • Compact- Up to 51 inches and is a one seater sofa.
    • Full- Up to 64 inches long
    • Medium- 58 inches long
    • Small- 52 inches long
    • Loveseat sofas- Up to 71 inches
  • Cabriole- The significant element of designs in the cabriole sofa is its continuous, equally height arms and back ratio. The design of this sofa set allows your arms to curve inward, creating a long line. Some of its designs have elaborate features, whereas others belong to the minimalistic designs. This type of sofa set is quite cushiony and comfortable throughout. It is big enough in size to seat almost three persons at a time very comfortably. Some of its variants have an exposed wood trim along the top of its back and arms, whereas other contemporary variants do not have the wood trim.

Whatever your choice of furniture may be, it needs to be done only after thorough research as it reflects your vibe as a person. Sometimes you don’t need to make a heavy investment in the piece of furniture; a minimalist design that speaks to your needs would also do the work. While buying a sofa set, you must keep your requirements and preferences in mind and should not deviate from the same upon seeing various, out-of-budget maybe, options.

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