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Would You Like a Mirror TV in Your Home

If you are a trend setter and want to give your home that little bit of class that sets it apart from the rest, then why not install a mirror glass television? We love how it adds a unique element of style to your home. Agath are the company that made this particular mirror glass TV. We are starting to see these TVs become more widely seen in high-end hotels and residences, and it is easy to see why.

It is possible to use these mirror glass TVs in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as outdoor spaces, as they are resistant to water. Home audio video installations experts Custom Controls have highly recommended this TV as the best mirror glass TV to install in a bathroom or kitchen.

It is possible to easily integrate these mirror glass TVs into an existing home automation setup, or in a new installation. The TVs make use of unique and innovative fanless cooling technology, which keeps the TV quiet, which makes it perfect for relaxing to in your bathroom.

We feel that by installing an Agath Mirror Glass TV into your home, it will add a real talking point to a room. They can be used in any room of your house, so you don’t need to just install one in your bathroom. Many people like having a TV that blends into the background when it is not in use.

In order to use the TV itself, we love the touchscreen remote control. It is really easy to use, and certainly beats a traditional remote control. When I showed my family and friends the TV, people were so fascinated by the TV that they ended up trying it themselves!

For those of you looking for a unique piece of technology, we would highly recommend that you take a look at this Mirror TV, which is exclusively offered by Agath. For installation with a new or existing home automation system, we would recommend that you contact Custom Controls. It is worth noting that this TV is the only mirror TV product that is compatible with a Crestron Home Automation system.

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How Can Pest Control Improve Your Life

During the winter season, many people find that their homes have an extra guest or two. More often than not, people aren’t too pleased about there being a family of rats in their house. You might feel at a loss as to what you can do to get rid of any unwanted animals in your house. Thankfully, there are professionals who will be more than happy to remove these pests for you. In fact, many pest control services will often include preventative measures, ensuring that your home won’t be infested again for a long time.

What Can Pest Control Take Care of?

As the name of the profession might suggest, pest control is a job that involves removing pests from your property and making sure that they do not return for a long, long time. For example, some quality pest control services in Leeds include things such as:

  • Removing rodents from your house
  • Removing roaches from your house
  • Taking care of bees and wasps and their nests
  • Removing bed bugs, fleas, and other small bugs
  • Making sure clothes moths don’t damage anything more
  • Making sure that birds don’t find your home interesting
  • And more

Why Should You Rely on Pest Control?

Each and every one of these services is designed to ensure that animals won’t find your home a suitable place to stay. If an animal has decided to make itself at home in your house, pest control services will make sure that those animals regret it. Whether you’re dealing with an invasion of smaller bugs, or you are being overwhelmed with larger rodents, pest control services will work with you to ensure that at the end of the day, your home is pest-free. Before you know it, you will be able to sleep without worrying about bed bugs in your bed.

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Mistakes to avoid while renovating your home

People renovate their homes for one reason or the other. It may be personal or commercial say for example selling the house. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to get the whole thing right so as to avoid a mess. There are some common mistakes that people do while trying to renovate their homes which can and should be avoided. Some of these mistakes include the following:

Setting a fixed budget

Home renovations require money and as this is the case, you should be cautious of how much you have. You should also know how much you are willing to spend on the entire exercise. Avoid setting a fixed budget since renovations can go more than what you had planned. Many people assume that once you have set up a budget, the whole job will follow through the budget. Unfortunately this is not the case and you should therefore have a budget that also has a miscellaneous expenditure segment.

Buying materials earlier than needed

Until you have finalized everything you should not go out and buy the needed materials. If you go ahead and buy materials at an early stage before finalizing on the plans, you will risk buying the wrong materials and also the wrong quantities for the job.

Being too economical

Unfortunately some people end up doing a shoddy renovation work due to the idea of saving. This is after buying cheap materials and hiring cheap labour in an attempt to save an extra coin. As much as this will save you money at that particular time, it may end up costing you in the near future. You will realize that most of the renovation work, being low quality, doesn’t last. This will then prompt you to go out of your way again to do the job another time. Rework is more expensive and time wasting and you can avoid this by choosing quality.

Leaving your items in the house

During renovation, there are a lot of movements that may lead to damage on property left around in the house. You can thus hire a public storage Miami that will store most of your valuable items and protect them against dust and destruction during the renovation. This will also prevent you from losing some items during the process since anything can happen.

Doing the job without consultation

Consulting is very important for a practice such as this. You should make an attempt of consulting professionals before you go do the job of renovation. The right professionals to consult at this point include architects, designers and others that have sufficient skill and knowledge on construction and home improvement. They will give you proper measurements and procedures to go with during the exercise.

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Affordable Home Renovating Ideas during Winters- Know How

While most of us think that spring and summer are the best seasons for renovating our home, the winter months are truly great to update your interiors and renovated any sort of repairs. As the winter is coming near and you are thinking to renovate and then decorate your home, I must say it is the best time for you. Yes, during the winter time, the renovation of the home can save your money as well. You can get lots of offers on the products and services due to the ‘End of Season Sales’ and lots more. Hence, if you are planning to renovate your home, you can choose the winter season, here are some of the reasons why-

It’s The Low Season for Contractors

As most of the homeowners are looking for a home renovation project at the time of summer of spring, the winter season is considered as the low season for them. Hence, you can get them when you require, and they will charge you less for the work done. As the demand of the contractors is low in the winter, the professional renovators will conduct your task when you call them. It is a matter of supply and demand. As the contractors have less work, they are more flexible on the pricing during the winters. Thus, the contractors are more likely to negotiate the process.

End of Season Sales Are Great

As the manufacturers provide the new inventories in January, they mainly reduce the price of the products at the end of the season. This is a great time to watch the deals for various items like furniture and other items. The construction materials and the supplies like the lumber, fixtures and the flooring are also cheaper at the particular time of the year when the demand increases.


Though most of the renovation ideas like the attachment of the shingles and the siding as well as the exterior painting are done in the month of summer, there are lots of renovation projects that are done during the winter months. Let’s have a look-

  1. The Upgrade of Interiors

Some of the installation projects like that of the flooring, bathroom fixtures and the countertops can often be done in any month, and they are best to provide a fresher look to space. The bathroom renovation is easy to perform and has fewer hassles as at the time of current renovation; you can use the other bathroom in the kitchen. The same goes in the case of the basement or the office space.

  1. Renovation of the Garage

Adding the insulation in the garage walls, waterproofing the garage doors or covering up the exposed piping are some of the effective ways to avoid the damage to the belongings at the time of winter season. The winter months are also the perfect time for de-cluttering the garage.

  1. Temporary Storage Makes a Renovation in Winter Easier

We know that even the smallest renovations during the winter require storage or it may lead to various hassles. When you are thinking to place your extra space for keeping your items, you can choose the storage units. In this context, I can say that public storage in Las Vegas is quite popular for storing important items for a short-term or long-term basis.

These are some of the ways by which you can utilize your winter months for renovation and save your money.

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Backyard Basketball Court: How To Create One

It has been years now that basketball is growing in popularity. The times when you could go to the public basketball court in the nearby park or playground at any time of day and night and shoot ball on your own or with a couple of friends are long gone. Even if you find time in your busy schedule, the courts are nowadays crowded with youngsters and it is hard to get a chance to play. Fortunately, there is a solution, build a court in your backyard. This is what is needed to create one.

Getting the Size Right

Building a full size NBA basketball court would surely be a dream come true. Unfortunately, not all backyards are suitable or large enough to accommodate one. The most important feature is to get the size right, that is, to make the best use of the space you have and build a proportionate court. Measure the area you plan to build your court on, compare it to the official court measurements and scale it down to fit your needs. Since you probably will not need the whole court, concentrate on half court dimensions.

Finding the Best Hoop

How many times was your game ruined just because you played on the court that had a lousy hoop? To prevent this, dedicate time to find the best one since there is a lot of things that need to be taken into account. The most important features to consider are backboard material, mounting system and, naturally, the budget available. Therefore, take your time and make sure you are absolutely certain what your preferences are before making the final choice.

Foundation and Surface Material

A proper foundation and surface material are essential for the overall quality of the basketball court. Having this in mind, the ground needs to be perfectly leveled before any surface is laid in order to have a perfectly flat court surface in the end. When it comes to surface material, there are several options available. Asphalt and concrete are the usual choice due to convenience of laying and durability. However, they do take a toll on ones knees and if you plan to use your court every day for a couple of hours, consider acrylic surfacing or other softer materials.

Painting the Lines

What good is a basketball court if you do not know when the ball is out or you scored a three pointer? Painting the lines is a penultimate step in creating a backyard court and it is taken after the surface is fully finished and dry and the hoop is firmly in position. When it comes to the paint choice, using quality road line marking paint guarantees durability and clean visibility in all weather conditions. Naturally, be meticulously precise when applying the paint, no zigzags are allowed.

Enriching the Area

Finally, make sure you enrich the court area and make it look cozy and welcoming. This does not mean you need to go over your budget. A couple of benches to sit on during the break, a small table to put your favorite refreshments on and a parasol to keep you shaded during hot summer days will make the world of difference and will not set you back too much. After all, you are primarily doing this to have fun, in and outside the court.

By knowing your preferences, space availability and budget limitations and following these steps you will surely build a backyard basketball court that will be enjoyed by the whole family and friends for years to come. Have fun!