A Brief Guide to Building your Own Home


If you are in a position to buy a plot of land and design and build your own home, you are to be congratulated. This is the stuff of dreams for many UK homeowners, and the ability to design your own living space is a wonderful opportunity, and with the help of an experienced architect and a reliable local builder, you are ready to go to work.

The Architect

A key player, the architect is the person who can turn your ideas into workable drawings, and he would spend a lot of time discussing various aspects until he is satisfied that he has created a set of blueprints that the builder can work to.

Obtaining Planning Permission

The architect would submit the plans to the local council, which is usually approved within a few weeks, and then the actual work can begin. If there are any amendments to be made, now is the time for minor changes to the plans.

The Builder

With experienced building services in Harrogate at your service, you can forge an agreement with the builder that includes the following:

  • Materials
  • Timeline
  • Features
  • Payments

The method of payment is usually staggered at various stages of the project, with perhaps one payment made when the work has reached ground level (foundations completed) and another when the ground floor is completed, and perhaps a third payment when the roof is ready to be built.

You might want to, either hire the architect to oversee the construction, or enlist the help of a surveyor, who will ensure that everything is as it should be.





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