A Guide to Selling your Home


If you are planning to sell up and move to sunnier climbs, there are lots of properties on the market, which means you will need to present your property in its best light. The front elevation is the most important, as this is what a potential buyer will see when he gets out of his car. Here are a few aspects you should examine with a view to brightening up the front of your home.

  • Fencing – Whether your timber fencing needs repainting or replacing, the best fencing in Plymouth is but a Google search away. Replacing the fencing is not a major expense, and it might just be enough to seal the deal. Your gating is also important, so do what you have to do to make the fencing and gating look
  • Power Wash the Driveway – Whether a tarmac or paved driveway, hiring a high pressure power wash machine for the weekend will pay dividends, and you can also do the patio and pathways. The washer has several nozzles, and with a little practice, you can restore stone to its original state.
  • Trim the Hedges – This might seem a trivial thing, but nicely trimmed hedgerows add to the overall appearance of the property, the grass should be nicely mowed and trees and shrubs pruned. You would be surprised to learn that many potential viewers see the exterior of the property, and decide not to bother viewing.

Like anything else you are trying to sell, your home should look its very best when put on the property market.

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