4 Changes You May Want To Make To Your Stairs In Preparation For Retirement.


When making changes to our homes in the United Kingdom, we rarely think about how useful these changes will be when we get older. We may end up changing them again, which costs more money because, for example, we are unable to climb the stairs because they are too steep or we didn’t install a banister the first time around.

In the future, therefore, you may need to make changes to your staircase and so you need to be able to find affordable stair renovation in Bodmin, so the necessary changes can be made. As we get older, we are more prone to stumbling and so with that in mind, here are some changes you might want to make to your stairs in preparation for your retirement years.

  1. Make sure that all the steps on your stairs are in good shape. They need to be level and any nails that are even slightly protruding are put back in.
  2. Be sure that you get a joiner to check that all the steps are the same size and height. There are numerous accidents in the UK each year due to uneven stairs.
  3. If you have wooden steps, be sure to get the edge of the step painted a different shade, so that you can be sure where the edge of the step is in relation to the whole stair.
  4. If there isn’t a hand rail currently installed, get one and be sure it is at the right height for you to easily get up and down the stairs.

When building your stairs, think about the future and have them designed with that in mind. It will save you money and stress later.

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