Why UPVC Makes for the Perfect Replacement Windows


The world of double glazing offers the UK homeowner many benefits, and for many years, aluminium was the material of choice for those who wished to remove the old softwood windows and replace them with double glazing. Then, along came UPVC, which comprises of a strong tubular galvanised steel core, with a thick layer of UPVC on top, and this eliminated the frame condensation problem that aluminium frames could not prevent.

Thermal Barrier

While all double-glazed units have a thermal barrier to prevent condensation, the metal frames compromise this, yet coating the frame with a thick UPVC layer acts as a thermal barrier, which keeps the cold and hot surfaces apart.

Range of Finishes

UPVC looks stunning in white, which is evident when looking at UPVC windows in Dudley, and with a faux timber-grain finish, UPVC windows can complement a rural setting. The durable UPVC is guaranteed not to:

  • Fade
  • Peep
  • Crack
  • Discolour

The only maintenance task with UPVC windows and doors is a wipe down with a damp cloth, which removes all traces of dirt, and the finish never fades, even in direct sunlight.

Triple Locking Systems

State of the art triple locking mechanisms keep intruders at bay, and the significant drop in outside noise will feel a bit strange, but you will get used the new tranquillity that double glazing brings. Security is essential, and UPVC doors and windows adopt the latest technology with their locking systems.

The majority of British homeowners have chosen UPVC windows, which is a reflection of the many benefits that this elegant composite offers.

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