What Kind of Commercial Flooring Should You Invest in


Many commercial, industrial, and medical properties require specialised flooring surfaces. In these workplaces, there are very strict rules and regulations that apply to health and safety standards. It is necessary to seek a flooring solution for these areas that offers excellent durability and top levels of hygiene and safety.

The Right Kind of Flooring

The type of flooring that one might invest in for a home environment is simply impractical for many commercial, industrial, or medical environments. We might invest in vinyl tiles or carpet for our homes but these surfaces do not present the benefits of something such as white-rock safety flooring.

The Benefits of Altro White-Rock Flooring

Given the high standards and requirements of these workplaces, experienced commercial flooring services in Swindon can help. In many cases, Altro white-rock flooring provides a superior solution and offers the following benefits:

  • Safety: These commercial, medical, and industrial workplaces need to abide by strict safety codes for the health and benefit of all staff and visitors. Altro white-rock flooring is a slip-resistant surface that provides superior levels of safety and traction.
  • Durable: Many such workplaces have high-traffic areas and areas where heavy equipment may need to be moved or stored. Altro white-rock flooring is a strong and durable surface that also includes hard-wearing PVC elements.
  • Cleanliness: Altro white-rock flooring is much easier to clean than other flooring options, thus providing superior levels of hygiene. A grout-free and edge-free surface also means that there are less hiding places for pathogens, making it ideal for hospitals and clinics.

Where safety, durability, and cleanliness are a huge concern, Altro White-rock provides excellent benefits.

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