What is Reroofing and What Are the Benefits?


There are a few roofing terms that confuse the average homeowner, especially “reroofing”, a term that has a specific meaning. A reroofing project involves installing a second set of roof tiles on top of the existing layer, and in some cases, this is the most cost-effective way of carrying out a suitable repair.

Professional Assessment

There are affordable roofers in Stoke On Trent, and by asking them for a professional opinion, you will know whether or not reroofing is the best course of action. The internal roof structure must be in good condition if reroofing is to be applied, and you also have to take into account the extra weight, which might be considerable, and the roofer must be sure that roof structure can handle the extra weight.

Cost Effective

Adding a second layer of roof tiles is a cost effective repair, as there are not structural issues, and it takes a lot less time than replacing a set of roof tiles. The added bonus of having two sets of roof tiles that protect your home, is very attractive, and in the right circumstances, reroofing is the most cost-effective way to repair a roof.

Alternative Options

An experienced roofer might suggest any of the following as a form of repair:

  • Replacing a section of roof tiles.
  • Replacing timber rafters and joists and replacing missing tiles.
  • Replacing the entire roof, both the tiles and the framework.

If a roofing contractor recommends reroofing, this is a cheaper solution than replacing the roof, and it should give you many years of trouble-free use.

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