What is Re-Roofing and When is It Used?


If you have heard the term “re-roofing”, but are not quite sure what is means, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. A re-roofing project involves installing a second layer of roof tiles on top of the existing tiles, which provides an extra layer of roof protection, and this is a cost effective solution if a lot of the existing tiles are missing.

Additional Weight

This is something to consider, as adding a new layer of tiles will significantly increase the weight that is bearing down on the internal roofing structure. If you were to ask the best roofers in Stoke On Trent for their professional opinion, on whether to re-roof or replace the existing roof, you would be able to make an informed decision.

Structurally Sound

In order to re-roof, the internal roof structure must be in good condition, and must be able to handle the extra weight that another set of roof tiles includes. Whether or not re-roofing is the best solution would depend on the opinion of the roofing contractor, and should there be options, the expert would make you aware of these.

Scope of Work

A re-roofing project might include the following:

  • Repair of existing internal roof structure
  • Replacement of missing roof tiles
  • New fascia & soffit
  • New guttering

If your roof is in need of repair, talk to your local roofing contractor, who can advise you on the best way to move forward. Re-roofing is not always the best solution, yet it does offer a cost-effective way to recover the roof with a new set of roofing tiles.

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