What costs more – a jug for filtering water or bottled water from the store


Filtering jug

When buying a jug we can choose many options. Filtering jugs differ in the material they are made of – a combination of plastic and glass or entirely of plastic, capacity (from 2l to 4l) and design. The cost of buying a jug is of course a one-off, and the jug can serve us for many years.

The filter cartridge should be replaced every month to maintain high water quality and purity. Modern jugs have indicators (manual or LED) that remind you about the need to replace the filter. The filters should be replaced every 4 weeks, and to reduce the cost you can buy filters in multipacks. One filter can replace the purchase of up to 300 bottles of water with a capacity of 500 ml, helping to care for the environment and for the home budget.

Filtered water also has a reduced level of hardness, making it ideal for household appliances, such as iron, kettle or coffee machine, eliminating the deposition of scale and thus extending the life of these devices.

Bottled water

Bottled water prices vary widely, depending on the brand and bottle capacity. It is worth paying attention to the composition of the water that we choose. The cheapest water can be very low in any mineral components, often the so called mineral water is just the tap water enriched with minerals. If we use bottled water also for cooking, its consumption can reach up to several litres a day, which can be a significant burden for the household budget. When using a jug, we always have healthy and clean water at hand, without having to bring heavy water packs and then dispose of empty packages.

Filtering tap water using jugs is much cheaper than using bottled water. Filtered water is not only a smaller bill in the store, but also saves many kilos of plastic or glass in our garbage containers. In addition, the filters are fully biodegradable, using them we also have the possibility of additional care for the environment.

Article prepared in cooperation with Dafi.us

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