Washing Machine Maintenance Guidelines


Washing machines need regular care and attention, if you don’t look after them, they won’t look after your clothes. Here are some ways to clean out your washing machine.

How to Clean & Maintain Your Machine

  • Get 120ml of white vinegar and drop in into the washing machine drum, then mix 2 tablespoons to bicarbonate soda and put the ingredients into the detergent space.
  • Turn your washing machine and run a standard wash if you are using a front loader or a washing cycle with hot water if you are operating a top loader.
  • When the wash has finished, remove the filter and clean it with care.
  • After you’ve cleaned the filter, remove the fabric dispenser and clean out any debris. It is best to clean this component with warm soapy water to ensure you remove any excess cleaning solution left inside.
  • Once finished, leave the fabric dispenser in the sun to allow it to dry. A thorough clean will stop mould from growing in the dispenser.

Call a professional

If you’ve followed all the steps above and you’re still having problems with your washing machine, you could have a serious issue. If you live in the North East and you need trusted washing machine repair services in Sunderland, now may be the best time to call.

There is only so much you can do to maintain your washing machine before you need to call a trained technician.

If you’ve tried everything but your washing machine still doesn’t make your clothes sparkle, a repair expert should be able to get to the root of the problem.

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