Travel Tips for Those with Reduced Mobility


As people get vaccinated, and the weather warms up, many are looking forward to traveling again. But if you have limited mobility, planning a vacation can feel like more of a chore than a pleasure. How do you find accessible accommodations? Will you even be able to get to the sites you most want to see on your trip? This article will provide some tips for planning a trip that is more accessible for you, so you can enjoy your summer vacation.

Do Plenty of Research

Researching where you’re going is important for any trip, but it’s even more vital for those with reduced mobility. You need to do more focused planning to find accessible sites, alternative transportation, and other activities that fit your physical capabilities. For example, touring the ruins of Pompeii can be difficult if you have a wheelchair or walker. But Herculaneum’s ruins are nearly identical, and they’re much more wheelchair-friendly. When you do your homework, you can find many accessible travel experiences that are just as rewarding and are easier for you to enjoy.

Book Accommodations Early

Accessible accommodations are quite often very limited. You might only find a few accessible vacation rentals in any single city, and many hotels might have only one or two accessible rooms. Make sure you book your hotel room or vacation rental early on, so you can ensure that your accommodations fit your needs.

Hotels will clearly mark which rooms are accessible, but you might have to look a little closer at vacation rentals to make sure they’ll be accessible for you. You should look for a clear, easy-to-access entrance, wide hallways, safety bars in key areas (especially the bathroom), and other accessible features.

Prepare for Issues

No matter how carefully you plan your trip, things can go wrong. Be prepared for issues to arise by having a backup plan for as many things as you can. For example, if you rely on a wheelchair or walker, try to pack spare parts to replace those that are most likely to break. If you’re taking a guided tour, reach out in advance and ask how the tour guide can accommodate your accessibility needs, such as providing an alternate route or motorized transportation to a site that’s inaccessible to you.

Ultimately, a successful trip relies on careful, early planning to ensure your mobility needs will be met. So if you want to take a trip this summer, start doing your research now! Find the most accessible tourist attractions. Look for accessible hotels or vacation rentals with walk-in tubs and other accessibility features. Then, get ready to enjoy your summer vacation!

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