The Basics of Good Kitchen Design


The secret to a fully functional kitchen lies firmly in the layout, and when planning a new kitchen there is much to consider.  The well-known kitchen triangle should be established before anything else, by placing the fridge, sink and stove close to each other, which will facilitate easy cooking and food preparation.

Professional Kitchen Planning

With reliable kitchen design in North Devon, you are in very good hands, and the designer would base the layout on your needs, while making the very best out of the available space. Using the latest technology, a kitchen designer would create a 3D computer model, which gives you a clear idea of how the room will look, and with a few small amendments, the finished design would be approved by the client and the work can be scheduled.

Essential Services

Designing and creating the perfect kitchen would include the following:

  • Bespoke kitchen cabinets
  • Made to measure shelving
  • Careful placement of major appliances
  • Quality materials for worktops and cabinets

Making the Best Out of Available Space

If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, it is relatively easy to create the perfect layout, yet most kitchens are lacking in space, and that’s where professional design comes into play. Made to measure cabinets will afford ample storage space, while wall mounted units add some extra space right where you need it.

Talk to your local kitchen designer and you will be surprised at the possibilities, and with their expertise and your input, the ideal kitchen design will transform your home.

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