Multidimensional Home Improvement: Extending Your Loft Space Will Provide Some Impressive Benefits


Homes erected after the 1970s are approximately 33 percent smaller than those constructed during previous booms in housing development, which implies that an enormous block of the country’s housing supply is ostensibly short on space and encroaching on shoebox status.

Combining a Conversion with a Square Area Expansion

Ground-level extensions often fall into the adverse overdevelopment. They necessitate imposing foundation work and auxiliary landscaping alterations, both of which tighten the reins on your available acreage and have a trifling effect on your parcel’s appraisal rate.

By contrast, second-story loft-level extensions, such as a sloped Mansard conversion, keep your yard intact and inject a sense of profundity and architectonic elaboration into your abode. Tapping into your loft can help you siphon some extra value and cachet out of your property:

  • A ten percent increase to your habitable space imparts a rewarding five percent jump to your property’s selling value but a loft enlargement escalates this yield by a factor of two.
  • Subsuming a miniature washroom or pint-sized pantry into the design draught are both synergetic options that implant another five percent spring into the final product.
  • In total, the equity by-product of a state-of-the-art loft remodel can climb as high as £37,000 in accordance with current mean housing rates.

A quality building company in Tipton can help you create a top-floor office or retreat with a beautiful view of the neighbourhood and get you one step closer to the regal home of your dreams.

Mesmerising Design Tactics

If you wish to have a protruding overhang that provides a useful roof above your patio, a compilation of assimilated fanlights that deliver eternal natural lighting, or inimitable asymmetrical walls, the prospects are unlimited when redesigning a roof space, dormer, loft, or attic.



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