Knowing When to Repair or Replace Your Ducted Air Conditioner


You’ve grabbed your remote control and turned up your ducted air conditioner only to hear a sound you’re unfamiliar with. It has produced a soft cough rather than the normal sound you’ve gotten so used to. If you’ve a new unit installed in your home, you may be able to fix the problem yourself, but if you’re dealing with an old air conditioner, it may be time for a replacement.

You should consider numerous factors before you think about purchasing a new unit.

  • Operational Costs

Is your unit still running as effectively as it should be? If your unit isn’t operating efficiently, it will cost you a lot more to run. As the machine ages, you’ll notice that it will struggle to work well, meaning it will require more and more energy to operate properly. The more energy it consumes, the more your electricity bills will rise. You can look at past utility bills and take note of how much you were paying in terms of electricity when you had a relatively new unit, if you see a stark difference in price, your ducted air conditioner may not be energy efficient. If your unit is still working successfully, your current system will benefit greatly from a Boutique Air ducted cooling repair service. Professional companies like this know how to properly fix your unit, so you can increase the products longevity.

  • Continual Problems

If you find that your ongoing maintenance costs are beginning to rise because your unit has started to encounter a lot of problems, it may be time to consider a replacement. You should check to see how much a new ducted air conditioner will cost and compare that figure with the amount it is costing you to repair the unit. If you’ve to pay for more repairs, ask the company will this fix the problem permanently, or is there a good chance that the system will need further attention? Once the service has been carried out, it is time to re-evaluate your system to see whether you’d be better off replacing your current unit.

  • Age

The age of your unit will sometimes give you an indication of whether you need a replacement or not. If you’ve maintained the unit since day one, there is a good chance it will last for a few years, whereas if you’ve failed to keep it properly maintained, you may need to replace the unit if it is getting old. A high-quality ducted air conditioning unit should last for well over 15 years once properly maintained, after that period you’ll notice your machine will require new parts or maybe even a replacement.

You should consider several factors before you decide to replace your current unit, if it isn’t that old and you’re experiencing a lot of issues, you may be better off changing the model. An air con unit can be overworked and even if it’s only a few years old it may have reached its life cycle. Try to repair your unit before paying for a replacement.

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