How To Clean Kitchen, Living Room and Bathroom Properly


Other cleaning our bedrooms, we also need to keep our kitchen, living room and bathroom sparkling all the time. Here are things we should do:

Kitchen: First of all, we can start by removing burners from our pad and clean those dark encrusted things using some hot water, soap and SOS pad. This is something that we need to do if we bake and grill frequently during the winter. We may also use mild cleaning solution and damp cloth to clean the inside of our microwave. Heat a cup of water for three minutes to make it easier to clean the inside. Use degreasing products to clean the baseboards and walls of our kitchen. Dust off the top of the cabinet, refrigerator and other hard-to-reach surfaces in our kitchen. We may also need to remove wall art and ceiling fan to clean them up properly. Sweep the floor from the accumulated dust and we may need to find help to move the refrigerator. We need to mop the kitchen floor with hot water and cleaning products several times to remove the accumulated oil-rich dust.

Living room: Living room is an area that we visit often and it can be among the dirtiest area in the house. So, it is always a good idea to focus more on our living area. We could start by dusting the corners to clean dusty surfaces such as end tables, ceiling fans, coffee table and home theatre set. We need to polish the wood furniture and clean any glass in the living room, such as glass-top coffee tables, cabinets and mirrors. Rugs should be removed, shaken and washed properly. It is important to focus on draperies and wash them completely. They should be cleaned accordingly depending on the instructions shown on the label. Special vacuum cleaner attachment could be needed to clean between the chairs and folds of the couch. Depending on the type of floor surface, we could sweep or vacuum the floor, while thick carpet may need steam cleaner.

Bathroom: There’s a reason why we save this area of the house for the last. Completely cleaning our bathroom isn’t for the faint of heart and this could be the most dreaded of any cleaning chores. First of all, we should assess things that can be removed from our bathroom, including shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, waste basket – everything. If we haven’t de-cluttered our bathroom, we may also find dull razors, empty bottles and others. We also need to spray down the bathtub and sink with foamy bathroom cleaning products. We may be able to remove grime more easily on the sink and bathtub with hot water. Sink should be cleaned with wet washcloths and used toothbrush can be used to clean faucet handles and areas around the drain. Toilet should be sprayed with foamy cleanser and scrubbers could be used to clean the yellowish rings. Glass cleaner can be used to clean bathroom mirror and other glass surfaces.

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