Devices and Appliances That a Plumber Can Install


The plumber is a very versatile tradesman who can carry out many duties from fixing a leaking tap to unblocking your drains, and while not many people know this, a plumber can also install many appliances and devices. Here is a short list of just some of the installations your local plumber can handle.

  • Washing machine – There are plumbers in Hillingdon who are experts at installing a washing machine, and this work involves connecting up the machine to the mains via a special tap, while also connecting up the waste flow of the machine to a small pipe that runs into the drain.
  • Dishwasher – A dishwasher is similar to a washing machine as far as installation is concerned, as it must be connected to a water input pipe and also a waste pipe that feeds into the drain.
  • Electric Shower – If you would like an instant hot water on demand shower unit installed, the plumber is the person to call, and he can also install the shower screen system if required.
  • Hot Water Cylinders – These are used with hot water and central heating systems, and a qualified plumber would have learned exactly how to install such a thing.
  • Bathroom Fixtures – These would include a toilet cistern and a bathroom sink, both of which have to be connected to a water input and a waste outlet.

As you can see, your local plumber is very callable of carrying out a number of installations, as well as general plumbing repairs around the home.




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