Debunking Bed Bug Myths


Bed bugs on mattress are flat-bodied, blood-sucking pests. They can significantly disrupt your sleep and rest time if they increase in numbers. While bites from one or two bugs may seem insignificant, they must be stopped before they multiply. Therefore, it is important to watch out for these pests and call the control service. 

There are various myths surrounding bed bugs. Earlier, people believed that these bugs could be used to treat conditions like hysteria. While the myths have become less ridiculous now, they are still there. Let us debunk some of the biggest bed bug myths of the current age. 

Debunking bed bug myths 

Bed bugs can fly. 

False. Bed bugs cannot fly as they do not have wings. They can only crawl and cover about 1 meter in a minute. 

Bed bugs bite only at night. 

Bed bugs are indeed nocturnal creatures. However, if they get hungry in the middle of the day, they will wake up and look for something to eat. Therefore, if you think keeping a light on at night will prevent them from biting you, you may be wrong. 

You cannot see bed bugs with naked eyes. 

The truth is you can easily see a bed bug with your naked eyes as they are quite noticeable. They are about 5-7 mm, almost the size of an apple seed, and are reddish or dark brown in color. However, spotting younger bugs and their eggs can be difficult. 

Bed bugs can live a year without eating. 

Although it is true that these bugs can live for quite a long while without eating, they cannot go without food for an entire year. When living in conditions with “normal” temperatures and a moist environment, bed bugs can live 2-3 months without feeding on human blood. However, younger bugs will require feeding and won’t survive this long. 

You should throw a bug-infested mattress. 

False. Some people may suggest throwing the entire mattress once it has been inhabited by bugs, but that is not true. You can use heat treatment to kill off the bugs or hire special services who will clean it for you. 

Bed bugs can survive very cold temperatures. 

Absolutely untrue. Bed bugs cannot survive in extreme conditions, whether it is cold or hot. In fact, they will die pretty fast. In an experiment conducted by scientists, it was found that the lowest temperature an egg could survive in was -25 degrees Celsius, but an adult bug would not survive it. 

You should never believe in the words of others before confirming it with experts or checking out trusted articles on the Internet. If you suspect bug infestation in your house, contact expert services today. 

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