Construction Tips: Skid Steer Loader Uses and Applications


Skid steers are common not only in construction sites, but also on farm land, industrial sites, and urban renovation projects. This is due to the level of versatility that skid steers bring to the table in performing tasks that were traditionally done by excavators.

The extensive use of the skid steer is understandable given the fact that a skid steer is actually a multipurpose heavy machine and comparable to the modern day excavator which is also a multipurpose heavy machine. Both machines are able to handle very similar jobs depending on the type of hydraulic tool attachment they are fitted with. The versatility and more importantly the mobility of the skid steer is what makes it popular as a skid steer is able to move about in tight spaces much more effectively and efficiently compared to excavators.

Their lightweight configuration coupled with thee compactness make them perfect solutions for projects in urban areas or home improvement projects where they are commonly found. Apart from the compactness, it is the ability of the skid steer to “skid” 90 degree angles when in tight spaces that make them more preferable to project managers. The skid steer is able to do this due to the structure of the mechanics where each side of the skid steer is powered by separate engines.

However, skid steers have gone far beyond just regular tasks and the more modern versions are able to do a great deal more depending on what hydraulic tool they are fitted with. Give the skid steer a bucket and it digs and grades, attach a compactor and it will levelling and compacting earth, attach augers and the machine would drill.

There are even wrecking attachments for demolition work, blades and blowers for clearing snow, sledge hammers for dealing with concrete and cutters to rip through iron. A skid steer therefore could be said to be an essential item for just about any construction, farming, landscaping, mining or forestry related projects. The general assembly of the skid steer consists of two hydraulic arms that are capable of lift and due to the hydraulic coupling pressure system, will be able to perform other tasks equivalent to the lifting power such as drilling or cutting or digging.

The plain ability of these compact but powerful machines that is able to accommodate such an array of attachments in either wheeled or steel tracked models make them crucial to projects.. Apart from that skid steer loaders for hire make a great economical choice and the biggest challenge is usually selecting the right type of skid steer and the required attachments for the right kind of job.

Another consideration that must be factored into the selection process includes the amount of space that is available for the machine to move within. This ‘space’ consideration is critical towards ‘placement’ of the machine within a confined area where it will be performing its tasks.

As for the type of machine needed, be it a vertical lift skid steer or a radial lift skid steer, is the amount of power required to perform the task based on the fact that nothing is more important than the availability of sufficient horse power and torque to finish a job.

If you hire a machine that is too big or too powerful, then you are not being cost effective as bigger and more. As for the tool attachments (extended hydraulic tools), be sure about the sequence of work at hand and rent these tools according to what comes first right up till the last as these tools are given out on hire on a daily rate.

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