Buy torque wrench: Everything you need to know


Surely you’re not used to talking about torque wrenches and do not know what it is. It is a product that you may not know, but that can solve a good amount of problems in your workshop. Therefore, it is convenient to make a brief explanation in this regard. And, since it is always difficult to explain what is something to those who know absolutely nothing about what it is about explaining, we are going to make an approximation.

An element somewhat similar to the torque wrench is the ratchet. At least, they have an approximate appearance, although the use of both types of keys is completely different.

Why buy a torque wrench?

The question of why to buy a torque wrench, as long as you ask “why should I buy this”, is difficult to answer, because it has more to do with the person who buys, than with the product itself. The torque wrench buying guide only can help us to realize perfectly about its necessity and how can we buy the tool.

There are two fundamental situations why you should buy a key of this type:

The first: If you are a cyclist, this key saves you a lot of work at the worst moment. That is to say, at the moment in which you are out there and your bike has given you a problem. In those moments, you want maximum efficiency. And that only gives the torque wrench.

The second: When you are a handyman and at home, you want to have the best tools. If it is your case (as it is mine), the most advisable thing is that you have a key of this type in your home, because the comfort and speed that it brings is something to take into account.

What should you look for when buying a torque wrench?

Now, before moving on to see which the best torque wrenches are, let’s see what features they should have. In this way, even if you buy a key of this type that does not appear in the following list, you can be clear on what you should look at.

The characteristics that you should contemplate when making your purchase, are the following:

Strength: First of all, you have to look at the strength of the key. It is suggested that it is between 20 and 100%. The reading error is higher enough below 20%. So, you should try to discover a key with the maximum possible strength.

Vessels: The cups or hexagonal tips are the elements that are placed on the wrench and allow to tighten the nuts. Obviously, you should look for those keys that have a greater amount of glasses, to be able to use it in as many nuts of different size as possible.

Calibration: Another important aspect is calibration. It is important that your key is, so you can have full control when using it. Otherwise, it may be more expensive to use a key of this type.

Handle: The handle, of course, must be non-slip and ergonomic, as in any tool worth its salt. It should bring you comfort in use so that you do not slip and hurt yourself.

Brand: Finally, you should look at the brand. Obviously, you can find torque wrenches that, without being branded, offer good features. However, in general, brands help guarantee a certain quality and have a place to claim if the key you acquire ends up not having enough quality.

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