Basic Tips to Avoid Lockouts


There is nothing worse than getting locked out of your home, to avoid this problem, read through these simple tips to lessen your chances of being left outside in the cold.

Cut Multiple Keys

Everyone knows it’s important to have a spare key just in case we lock ourselves out of our home, but do you know exactly where you put your spare key? Most of the time you can’t locate it, or you’ve left it in your home, either way none of these are going to help. Emergency locksmiths in Orpington recommend having multiple spare keys.

Here is what you should do with your spare keys:

  • Store them in different locations.
  • Hand one to a neighbour and a family member.
  • Keep a spare key in your car.
  • Colour code them so you know what they are for.


You should never hide your spare key in an obvious place, this includes areas such as:

  • Under the welcoming mat
  • Under the plant pot
  • Beside the window
  • Near the lock itself

These are obvious places that burglars check when trying to gain unauthorised access to your home.

Consult with a Local Locksmith

In order to prevent a future lockout, you should have your locks checked by a professional. They’ll be able to assess your home and highlight any weaknesses. In addition, they’ll be able to recommend safe areas to hide spare keys when your main one goes missing.

If you find yourself locked out of your home, don’t panic. If you don’t have a spare key, a professional locksmith will quickly resolve the issue.

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