An Energy Efficient Solution for Your Windows


When your energy bills become too high, you need to look at your home and usage habits. You may feel that your air conditioning must run nonstop, or that the heat never seems to get your home warm enough. Cool air and heat can escape the home when windows are aging or not sealed properly.

Common Issues

Windows may be thin due to extreme aging. New windows are often made thicker in the first place or double pained for better insulation. Older windows in homes may break or crack easily, as well. Cold or heat can escape through a crack. The glass may also separate from the frame when the foundation of a house settles, causing more leakage. A thorough inspection of all your windows is a necessity.

  • Old, thinning windows
  • Cracks
  • Gaps between the glass and frame


Windows in older homes should be replaced as soon as possible. They may not be energy efficient and they can break easily. Windows that break easily are a hazard, as children and pets can be easily injured by shards of glass. When you are ready to have new windows installed, check out Kent double glazing options. Double glazing adds an extra layer of protection against the weather. You can then maintain a comfortable temperature in the home.

Take the time to have a proper assessment of the windows in your home so you can be more comfortable and save money. Your energy bills can be affordable when you have quality insulation for your home. It is often smart to begin with the windows.



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