All you Need to Know About Gravel Driveways


Many UK homeowners choose gravel as the material for a new driveway, and for good reason, as gravel is the ideal material in many respects. Containment is always an issue with loose gravel driveways, and let’s not forget that gravel can be temporarily moved, should it be necessary, then put back into position.

  • Drainage – Obviously, drainage must be such that all water can find a way to the ground, so if the underlying ground is clay based, you might need some drainage pipes installed underneath the gravel. This is something that the driveway supplier would be able to advise you about, and should you wish to see some great examples, check out the gravel driveways in Leeds that use
  • Resin Bound Driveways – A popular choice, resin bound aggregate removes the loose stone issue, as the resin and aggregate is pre-mixed, and with a choice of colour and aggregate size, there are many option available to you.
  • Weeds – This issue can be resolved by spraying with a mild form of weed killer, although you need to ensure that this does not run off into a water supply, which is something the supplier can advise on.
  • Solid Foundation – It is advisable to install a concrete base prior to installing a gravel driveway, which should be at least 4 inches in depth, which is ample to ensure that the surface will remain solid through all weathers.

If you would like to discuss your driveway needs with an expert, a Google search will help you locate a local supplier, and with their help, you can select the right configuration.

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