A Guide to Creating the Perfect Terrace in your Garden


Summer is almost upon us, and this is a time for spending sunny afternoons on the terrace, relaxing with the family. In the event you don’t have a terrace, here is a guide to help you design the ultimate relaxation area for you and your family.

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Table of Contents

Terrace Design

There are a few materials you can use to build a terrace, which include the following:

  • Natural Stone – Granite, marble and travertine are all excellent choices for a terrace.
  • Block Paving – Ideal for driveways and terraces.
  • Man Made Paving Slabs – A range of colours and finishes.

For a professional installation, a solid concrete base should be built, and by talking to a local landscaping firm, you can design the perfect terrace that is built to stand the test of time.


The best way to provide access to your terrace is to enlist the help of a rated bi fold door company in Harrogate, and with bespoke solutions, You can create an ambiance with Louvered Pergola for your terrace and outdoor garden. They can fabricate the unit from uPVC, aluminium or seasoned timber, whichever you prefer, and a wide range of colours and finishes allows you to create something that looks like it belongs. You could use the entire length of the wall, and when the centre panels open, you have great access to your terrace. This would require a support lintel to be inserted, and with a little building work, your new bi-folding doors would offer you everything you need.

There’s still time to create your terrace before the summer arrives, and with a firm budget in mind, the project can begin.

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