6 Tips Maintenance Tips That Make Fake Grass Upkeep So Easy


Unlike the natural grass, a fake turf requires less care and maintenance. What you just need to do is to make sure that the area of your lawn is clean. This is the main secret in keeping its beauty and fresh look. With your fake turf, things can be handled easily by yourself. Maintenance is hassle free. Read the 6 tips below and apply it for your own convenience.

  1. Prepare The Materials

Make sure that you have the proper materials that are needed for the maintenance of your turf. A rake, hose, stiff brush and leaf blower are some of it. These are cheap so you don’t need to worry about your budget. Bear in mind these materials is necessary. For quality turf in Sydney, purchase fake grass from a trusted supplier like Australian Synthetic Lawns and have a beautifully manicured lawn soon.

  1. Keep Your Fake Turf Clean

Clean the turf regularly. Remove the dirt, dust and debris that make your grass unattractive. You need to assure the cleanliness of it because it keeps it fresh and good looking. If you have pets, the more attention is required. Also, you must have a schedule of washing it with water for deep cleaning. Heavier stains will not be removed if not by rinsing using mild detergent.

  1. Use Weedicides

Spray a weedicides on your fake turf including on its edges. There is always a great possibility that weeds may grow even after the installation. If weeds grow, this will cause damages and problems to your turf. So, do not wait for it to happen before you take an action. Even once in a week, do it for a good purpose. Always have a weedicides accessible in your place.

  1. Water The Area

Spray the turf with water to cool it off if it is exposed too much to sunlight. This is recommended if you have planned to walk on it barefoot. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry on it because too much heat will not affect your fake turf. Its quality will remain as is no matter how hot it is. But, watering it will be a big help to renew its fresher look.

  1. Avoid Burns

Prevent your fake lawns from smouldering charcoal and cigarette burns because these will cause damages. Even if the turf is a fire resistance which means flames will not appear but the fibers will surely melt. Burns should be kept away from your fake turf and you must be careful of it. Always secure the safety of your lawn.

With these 5 simple and easy tips, definitely you know now what to do to your fake turf. Just follow this and surely, it will always be appealing. No doubt that it will last for long. To learn more about maintaining the beauty of your lawn, ask for tips on how to maintain your artificial grass from Australian Synthetic Lawnsand have a beautiful turf that lasts long.

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