5 Reasons to Choose Quartz Countertop


Do you dream of renovating your kitchen or bathroom? Have you taken the step from dream to reality and are you already planning renovations to refresh your home? Do you already have two feet in the design of your ideal kitchen or that of your perfect bathroom? You reflection has surely already led you to wonder about the choice of material for your counter. To feed the latter, here are five reasons to choose a quartz counter.


Quartz is already a very solid and durable material in its natural state, but when it is treated to be transformed into a counter, this solidity is further reinforced. Your quartz countertop will therefore be a good long-term investment. You will no longer have to worry about him for decades. It could even survive your next kitchen renovation. It will still be clean and efficient. In addition, with a new cabinet arrangement, you can completely change the style of your kitchen without changing your work plan.


The quartz counter has a feature that other natural stone countertops do not have. It is not porous. Even if it doesn’t seem like anything, it is a significant asset since it means that you will never have to cover it with sealant. Never! Neither during installation nor at regular intervals during its lifetime. Never! One less thing to think about is always welcome. The absence of porosity is even more brilliant since it also means better sanitation. Bacteria and dirt of all kinds cannot hide in the pores, which makes cleaning much simpler and more effective. In addition, since quartz is machined before finishing in a kitchen, your countertop installed from Countertops & More may be subjected to an antimicrobial treatment.


Maintaining a quartz countertop is simple and environmentally friendly. The use of mild soap is sufficient. A mixture of water and vinegar can also do the job.


The look of a quartz countertop is modern. It is not because the main material (95%) of the quartz countertop is a stone that we should expect a choice of styles limited to the natural appearance of this stone. On the contrary, the 5% of resin that goes into the manufacturing of the quartz countertop makes all the difference, not only for its maintenance, salubrity and durability, but also for its style. As this resin is designed based on polymers and color pigments, it allows a wide variety in the colors, patterns and aspects of quartz countertops.


The quartz / resin mixture and the manufacturing method of the quartz countertop also have the advantage of giving a homogeneous result. No flaw in the stone will increase the price of your counter. No surprise will spoil the unveiling of your counter. Its look will be exactly that of the sample in store.

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