2 Important Factors to Consider When Picking a Carpet


Choosing the right carpet for your home can be a challenge, there are so many designs and colours on the market it makes it difficult to decide. If you are having trouble selecting what’s best for your property, continue reading this article for help.

  1. Lifestyle

When choosing a carpet for your home, you should first think about the way you live. If you’ve young children and pets, it is best to pick a colour which is forgiving.  In addition, it is best to install a product which is hard-wearing and highly durable. If you’re a couple looking for something stylish, why not opt for something plush?

  1. Carpet Colours

If you are looking for a range of carpet colours and designs, look no further than Hampshire carpets. You’ll find all you need to design your room, making it into a stylish oasis or comfortable playroom. Colour plays a huge role in the concept of your room, if you don’t understand this, here are some tips.

  • Red – This colour symbolises energy and passion, it is a warm, positive colour which is great to signify love.
  • Yellow – Choosing this colour will brighten up any room, it’s a colour of joy and illumination.
  • Green – This is the colour of balance and harmony.
  • Blue – If you’d like a colour with a calming effect, choose blue to sooth your room.
  • Black – This is sophisticated and mysterious
  • White – This colour represents innocence and simplicity.

Although there are many things to consider when choosing a carpet for your home, the two mentioned above are the most important.












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